Basic Tidy


As long as the rain keeps coming and the sun continues to shine, plants and weeds alike will continue to grow.
We have the experience to know what will happen in your garden as the seasons roll out. There is always something to be done in the garden, no matter what time of the year.
Different plants have different requirements in terms of wet ground or dry ground, sunny or shady, hot or cold, pruning or not pruning, time to trim or prune, etc. etc. Then there is the timing and type of fertiliser, different types of sprays to get the best results.

We also have a mulching machine which enables us to process green trimmings and prunings on site and spread on your gardens or we can take garden rubbish to the tip for you.

We have a number of clients with different needs in their gardens, such as the timing and regularity of maintenance work, but one thing is universal and that is the requirement to have a garden that always looks tidy and healthy. We can tailor the type of service that you need along with the frequency and your budget to make your garden and outdoor living areas a pleasure to be in – whatever time of the year.

We can supply materials that can very cost effectively spruce up the garden, weather it is a top up of mulch or other ground covers, to new plants to fill in gaps etc.

Also, we can apply moss and mould killers or water-blast areas for you.