Full Landscape


We have the experience and the skills required to bring out the best in your property. The decisions you need to make when starting landscaping your property are very important, from where does the sun come up and go down, to where to park the car, creating an indoor / outdoor flow, privacy, shelter, types of planting etc.

The next thing will be materials that suit your budget, time scale or staged roll out of project to fit your budget, prioritising / managing the project, council requirements such as drainage, height restrictions, construction details. There are certain details that could require specific design from an engineer etc.

We can advise on different materials available for your project as we have extensive experience with a broad range of materials over the years. Our desire is to get the best match of practical design and function, with your needs and budget. The final outcome needs to be something that will increase the value of your property and create spaces that are useful and appealing.

We have contacts and working relationships with many sub-trades to make your project as smooth as possible and ensure a great result. In particular, Kelly is a designer that we have close associations with over the years and she has great practical design skills to bring out the best in your property. Kelly can work directly with you on the design and also with us for the implementation and construction. We believe in getting the best outcome for our clients and we take pride in delivering that result.