There are lots of reasons to have a garden makover.

Tame the jungle,
Revitalise a tired property,
Create a more functional area,
Change of use as the family grows up….to name but a few, but all of these will add value to your existing property.

Our business can take care of it all…no matter what scale or budget. From a tired corner of the garden, to the whole property.
Our expertise can make it happen for you, we can do the lot or work with you.

Basic Tidy

Maybe you are wanting to keep your property looking great all the time? Take a look at what we can do for you…..

Regular budgeted maintenance.

Numerous possiblities in terms of frequency and scope of works.

We have all the equipment necessary to perform all the tasks involved in garden maintenance.

We know plants and what they like and don’t like. We can advise on all aspects of plants and their care.

Full Landscape

Sometimes a blank canvas can be daunting….where do we start? what style? what type of materials? and so on.

For us, a blank canvas is a great place to start.

We can meet with you and discuss your needs, budget, all of the practical aspects from site works to drainage to plants and so on.

Design, build (hardscaping), plant choice to suit, project management.